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Just like math’s formulas are used to solve the tough equations similar, for the tough SEO equation, we made a Formula by doing years of research, and successful implementation of it on around 100 business in Indianapolis and all over the USA. Seo company indianapolis is award wining digital marketing agency in the USA.

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Quantum It Innovation is the world’s best SEO service indianapolis. .We are not admiring ourselves it’s our clients on Good firms and clutch say to us, which parses us for our customer-friendly SEO service Indianapolis.

Well, People now in the world using Google, Yahoo, and Bing in their daily lives,

They get so comfortable with them, that it becomes an integral part of their daily life see social media and the best example E-commerce, everything that we need is just a few words away you just have to type and you will whatever you want.

If your customer is not getting your website you will end up losing them, that’s why maybe now you are looking for SEO of your website. Seo company indianapolis promises with its 10 + years of experience that we rank your website on the first page of search engines and gives you the highest leads, more traffic, and conversions. If you are looking for best Digital marketing agency then seo service indianapolis is the right option for you, your search might end here. Feel free to call our seo company indianapolis. +1 877 877 3644

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Nobody looks to 2nd, 3rd or fourth page if you are at the 2 or in the last it’s the same, things will only matter when you are on the first page, and the cherry on the cake is when you are also in the first position which is a direct invitation to growth and success.

We do the right keyword research for you and find only those sought of keywords which are having the highest search volume in the market.

If you objective is sales or lead our keyword will be on finding high searched converting keywords,

On the basis of the keyword, our content writer will write the quality content for your website which easily ranks your website high and backlinks are a thing of the tip, as people links to the quality content.

why not you go with our free SEO analysis report it’s the best in Indianapolis, without even paying a penny you are getting what keywords you are currently ranking, last month traffic and the most important with your top competitors SEO strategies and ranking. If you are looking for reputed trustworthy and affordable seo service indianapolis then Quantum it innovation excellent for you. With over 11+ years of digital marketing experience, Our seo company Indianapolis will boost your website to the top of google’s first page. Let’s discuss seo service indianapolis:- +18778773644

Our full range of SEO service Indianapolis


Local SEO

If you are a doctor or having a local store, by just simple choosing our Local SEO service Indianapolis, we rank your website first in Indianapolis and in other local nearby areas, Local SEO bring a lot of growth opportunity for your businesses and a perfect way to get customers nearby your business. Quantum it innovation is the highest-rated seo company indianapolis, which provide you the best possible results to the client. We are a reputed SEO service indianapolis.

Enterprise SEO

If you have a big business in Indianapolis and looking to extension and leads from the USA and all over around the world then choosing or Enterprise, SEO company Indianapolis will be a great deal for your business, we rank your website on particular places and demographics related to your target areas and niche. Our SEO packages have no difference in Enterprise and local SEO we charge the same amount.

Google Recovery Services

If your website gets penalize by search engines with panda and penguin SEO updates then we are here to recover it, Google and search engines penalize those websites which have bad backlinks profile and high keyword stuffing, we will improve it and reframe your website image in search engine eyes. Our SEO service indianapolis team has several different methods we used to accomplish this, including online directory listings, building local listings, making sure your Google My Business is claimed, among others.

Ecommerce SEO

If you have an e-commerce store in Indianapolis and looking for higher sales and traffic then our E-commerce SEO service Indianapolis is the best launch pad for your website. We know that website like Amazon.com and bestbuy.com already captured your market but still, we assure you, you will outrank them see our SEO formula how, all our search engine optimization packages price have no difference it’s similar for local, e-commerce and enterprise SEO so subscribe to them unity we change it.

Off-Page SEO

Off page is an integral part of SEO activities it basically means link building we are the expert of quality off page activities and will link your website to high-quality authority domains, you already did on the page of your website and looking for the off-page of it then we are the best option available in the Indianapolis. Our seo service indianapolis is customized to fulfill your individual marketing needs and create your services, complete or product stand out.

National & International SEO

Quantum It Innovation is an SEO Company Indianapolis. But that’s not all we are. we ar a team of individuals who have hands-on experience in digital promoting with an extreme passion for serving to our clients succeed. If from Indianapolis you want to cater to the whole USA and International countries. We will help you to do that, our SEO experts in Indianapolis make your website a viable with all the SEO guidelines and rank it fast in the 1st pages of search engines. You just found the optimal seo company indianapolis on the top the Google search engine results page. That tells you something. And we provide those realistic results for you.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation is very important for a business, it one of the major factor customers take in mind when they purchase any product and services, reputation depicts trust and authority, if your customers are talking bad about you or you are looking for good reviews and have positives wives around the internet .our social media team and search engine optimization team will build your strong online reputation. If you are looking for trustworthy Digital marketing agency then seo company indianapolis is the right option for you, probably your search might end here.

Content Marketing

The biggest factor on the ranking of the website is its content, search engines bots focus on how well is it written and does it have the proper utilization of keywords or not. Our expert content writer will do the job for you and delivers the amazing content, if the content is good people defiantly read it and share it, it will all trigger the word of mouth advertisement for you.

Mobile & APP SEO

Mobile searches have outranked the desktop searches last year it’s the right time to focus on Mobile SEO. If you have an app or only want to serve the mobile users in Indianapolis then we are here to help you. Google and other search engines recently laid some mobile SEO guideline so by following them we rank your website high and deliver you the quality results. Quantum It Innovation is SEO specializes in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, website development, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing and Google Adwords (PPC) Campaigns. We even do a touch of Mobile app development, and yes, we do a good job.

Our formula for SEO success in Indianapolis

Our SEO formula

SEO company Indianapolis

Learn about our SEO formula in detail

  1. We understand you (client)

Our formula for SEO success starts with you before we go for any technical stuff like keyword research or website SEO analysis like what other SEO services in Indianapolis do, we start your website search engine optimization by understanding your needs and evaluate on the idea of why you need an SEO? is it for:-

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Branding
  • Traffic on website

When we get the answer of “why” and understand your product and services then we formalize our understanding in a plan, which includes how we gonna achieve your objectives and how to improve your website for the SEO.

An SEO plans become the guiding force for us when we later perform SEO activities in your websites.


  1. Keyword research

After we thoroughly understand your SEO objectives, we navigate to the most important elements of our SEO formula “Keyword research”.

Keywords are like seeds, finding a right seed will lead to the tasty fruits in terms of the sales, traffic, and leads. Based upon your business and services we try to find the most profitable keywords for you on which there is high traffic or your target customers are mostly searching them for finding your products and services.

Well, you may be thinking Most SEO service in Indianapolis do that what’s the difference?

Well, they are all based on the low traffic keyword research technique, on which they will easily satisfy you by showing your website on the first page of search engines but when it comes to traffic or leads your website get lack.

We are different from them we only focus on high traffic and the most important, only on the converting keywords.

Let’s brief our keyword research and show you what we look at in keywords:-

  • Search volume
  • Competitiveness and
  • Are they converting

one important thing, Every website page is having a timeline to rank it’s all based on the keywords and how competitive they are, we always tell the Indianapolis customer about how much time it takes to rank your website so that you remain calm and make the right decision in your business.

We use tools like UberSuggest, SEMrush and Moz bar to do keyword research.


  1. Competitors analysis

Do your competitors in Indianapolis are setting in the top of Google and other search engines pages? does it make you jealous?


do you want to know their secret SEO techniques?

Knowing the competitors is important, it does not only bring the fire in us to work hard but also inspire us to bring innovative and new things for the customers and to win your market you can also replicate the competitor’s strategies and present them in a better way to win the customers.

If you like the keyword of your competitor which is having are high traffic and converting we simple use in your website and make a better page more backlinks to rank you above them.

But to know your competitors you have to get the free SEO analysis of your website which other SEO company in Indianapolis only give you in paid SEO plans.

To brief what we do in competitors analysis is:-

  • Keywords they ranking for
  • Their ranking Strategies
  • Website world rank.
  • There backlinks profile.
  • There search engine website authority


  1. Make Google bots your website a new friend

In the SEO world websites are not only made customer friendly we also have to your website friendly to the bots of search engines. To make a person your new friend is easy you just have to do few things to win their heart but search engines bots are very particular, Google bots look 200 factors in the website to rank them high on search engines.

Making a website up on 200 factors is very difficult that’s why other SEO companies in Indianapolis only focus on just 4-5 things.

Our SEO service is different we make your website up on all 200 ranking factors and yes make your website friendly to bots.

Some factors which Google and other search engines bots look:-

  • Website speed
  • High authority backlinks
  • Secured website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Focus keyword density
  • Social signals


  1. Write quality content

And Customers spends more time on the website which is one of the most important signals for search engine bots to rank your website high as it shows you have written a good content that’s why people are giving its time.

When its sound logical the content on which website depends, if you write the engaging content everything will happen right.

Why I say only engaging, why not just writing more content and stuffing the keywords which another SEO company in Indianapolis performs. It’s all wrong it’s the open invitation to search engines to penalize your website.

We are different, we have the team of top content writers which have worked on more than 300 projects, and they write engaging quality content and will give you:-

  • More Leads
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • And reduce your bounce rate


  1. Getting the quality backlinks

How you believe that a particular thing is good or high in quality, when your friends, people refer it, or what happens if you the authority people or agencies like news channels prefer it, then your beliefs on that thing is becoming more strong.

This same thing search engine look in your website, it sees how many other websites in your niche referring your websites it’s called backlinks.

Well you know SEO Services Company in Indianapolis also gives you the backlinks but what quantum gives you is quality backlinks, quality means when a high authority website backlink to you just like what happens in real life with news agencies, search engines bot see this quality backlinking and rank your website high in search engines.

To get the backlinks we believe on one thing writing quality content if you give quality website genially links to you, so you can say that the credit of high backlinks also gives to our content writing team well other backlinks techniques are.

  • Business listings
  • Profile creation
  • Directory submissions
  • Guest blogging
  • Infographic submissions
  • Bookmarking


  1. Reporting

You know what is our mission statement is “working with transparency” and that’s why our last point to the formula of SEO success came into existence – reporting

You don’t have to wait for the 3 months to see were your website ranks which other customers have to wait when they do their website SEO from other Indianapolis companies, we every week we mail you the SEO summary of the website which is full with improvements and growth.

Our reporting includes:-

  • Weekly Traffic on your website
  • Current Keyword Ranking
  • Weekly Conversions reports
  • Growth in domain authority if you even can’t wait for a week we can even give you for days And you know what’s the best part of every report i.e. #laymenfriendly.

Case study: how we rank a Gastroenterologist website on the first page of Google

North american gastroenterology


Quantum is not limited to SEO service Indianapolis we also cater in Oklahoma, New Jersey, Fresno and also on the different part of the world, we help grow the small business and gives them the strong presence on the internet.

2 month before we got an interesting SEO project from Dr.Affan Quadri he is basically a gastroenterologist and his website North American gastroenterology is ranking somewhere on the 100 pages in Google UAE. In the span of 3 months, he asked us to rank his website for the keyword gastroenterologist in UAE or for gastro specialist in UAE. Our SEO company indianapolis team can work hand-in-hand with you to create an best SEO plan that fits your budget  and creates greater visibility for you online.

Here are the steps we performed in  1 month to rank his website on the first page of the Google:

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research Indianapolis

you may be thinking keywords are already finalized why then a keyword research again when we do the analysis of competition in the market for a gastroenterologist in UAE it was bit tough, all the website which are rank are actually pretty old and are well SEO optimized.

Dr. Affan’s North American gastroenterologist website is a new one. Which is in Google eyes is less authoritative and will take more time to rank for a competitive keyword.

Gastroenterologist in UAE, so we decided to perform a hack why not to rank the website on a keyword which is less competitive and on the same side high searchable.

So then we finalized a long tail keyword, Gastro expert UAE it is a good replication of the competitive keyword gastroenterologist in UAE.

Well, you may be thinking what the heck a long tail keyword is these are generally the keywords which are very specific and a right way to get rank in a highly competitive market.

If you see the keyword gastro expert UAE, gastro the word is easy to be replicate of the gastroenterologist, as people generally say the short form of it rather saying the young twisting gastroenterologist.

But still it won’t be the perfect fit for it as people won’t say “Gastro UAE” there should be some converting keyword so we decided on Gastro expert UAE which is a perfect fit for the competitive term gastroenterologists in UAE and if you see traffic wise Gastro expert UAE gets 200 monthly searches well as gastroenterologists in UAE is just little more 250 that’s still good rather on working it for 6 months and still waiting for the rank.

2. Competitive analysis

Indianapolis seo Competitors analysisAlthough on the keyword Gastro expert UAE there is less competition it’s not nil we still have to fight, so we started by seeing their website authority from the Moz which is easy to outrank by writing good content. When we see the content of the top 5 page for the keywords it is just 200 words content.

On pro tip

if your competitors for a particular keyword just wrote 1000 words of content and you have written 3000 words of content you will easily rank above them as search engines bots love more content.

The new on Moz we also see the competitors backlink profile which is just ok if we rank Dr. Affan website with high authority website we will outrank the competitors.

3. Content

Content writing Indianapolis

As you know in the above point we won the competition by just writing the quality keyword rich and detailed content, we just did that our content writer did a great job and made an amazing piece of for around 1397 words other website are less than 500 words.

4. Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

I hope you get to the known power of backlinks from our formula of SEO success, it’s basically when someone referring to your website, if you want to know more just move the cursor up.

The power of backlinks becomes more powerful when you get a reference from the high authority website. We actually follow this concept where other websites just linking to low authority domains we link Dr.affan website with a high authority website.

  • Our content writers did the guest blogging on the health-related website and provide links the pages to Dr.affan website.
  • We also make awareness infographics on the digestive system and publish them on infographic websites.
  • We submit Dr. Affan website in all the business listing websites which not just only give them the backlink but also the business as people also searched about various services on the business listing website.

5. Customer-centric

Customer friendlyWell from the case study you may think we were bit-focused on bots and search engines ranking parameters and everything is happened for them from keywords to content and backlinks but it is not, we did not miss the customers:-

  • when we do the keyword research we do it from the customer side and rather on choosing gastro expert we choose gastro expert UAE.
  • Same in content rather on just writing the detailed content to make both happy we also add lots of images videos and make psychologically friendly page structure as people are searching for the gastroenterologist it’s bit obvious people know about what gastroenterologist do so we rather on making it the main thing we place the appointment form first.
  • Same thing we do in backlinks rather just on making the backlinks form the website we also give a customer friendly touch and link the website to high traffic business listing websites where customer are freaking out for the good gastroenterologist.

And you know search engines look to these things by knowing:-

  • The website bounce rate
  • Click through rate
  • Time the customer spends on the websites and
  • repeat visitors

Which all symbolize customer-centric website and that’s same we do with the Dr. Affan’s websites and you know the results it’s on the first page of the google.

6. Reporting

SEO Report Indianapolis

When we did the SEO of Dr. Affan website it becomes very important to see are our efforts actually paying or not is there any growth happening in ranking, traffic and leads.

So, We monitor his website performance and ranking with the tools like Google analytics, bing analytics, Google webmaster and bing webmaster and every week send him a complete analysis of:-

  • Weekly improvement in ranking
  • A weekly increase in traffic
  • Average bounce rate throughout the week
  • Current Domain and page authority
  • And how much improvement happened in the website ranking

It easily helped him to take a decision: should I continue SEO of website or move to some other companies, which made believe in our search engine optimization services.

Result driven SEO packages in Indianapolis that’s suite to every business and budget

Today search engine optimization is a requirement of every business, from small to large to national to international and to every type possible.

To take that in mind we have made our SEO packages for every business it is divided into basic, standard, enterprise and blast.

Don’t judge their effectiveness from their prices they have everything which a particular business required in Indianapolis, we try our best from other SEO company Indianapolis to give you the best value for money in all SEO packages. We are highest rated seo service indianapolis.

So, what you waiting for give a love of SEO to your website and make it a wonderful opportunity to get customers, sales and leads.

To get rank your website high in SEO claims your free website SEO analysis.

Quantum It Innovation is highly rated in search optimized website design and SEO service Indianapolis and many other locations in the USA.