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  5. Search Engine Optimization score

  6. Your Social presence

  7. Your local and global presence

  8. Sentimental & Reviews analysis


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Increase Your Organic Ranking with Best Professional SEO Services Company

People around the world are now using Google, Yahoo, and Bing in their daily lives; they are so comfortable in using them that, they educate themselves about new things, talk and connect with people and majorly used it for purchase

If you are not visible to them on search engines you end up losing them, this is the reason companies are so focused towards getting a higher rank on search engines. Quantum IT Innovation, the  SEO services agency in USA, India, and UK serves your complete website optimization needs and get you rank higher on search engines.

Looking for Result oriented Best Professional SEO services in USA

At Quantum IT Innovation, with our expertise and 10+ year of experience help us to deliver the guaranteed ranking of your website and rank you on the first page of Search engines, well why the first page?

Because nobody visits the 2 or 3 if you are at the Everest of Search engines then you get more traffic, lead, and conversions

To make your website on the first page, Quantum works to make your website friendly and familiar to SEO guidelines and more importantly to website users.

“SEO” the word you can merge with videos, social, apps, content, and images to move them up in the ladders which guide companies to build their reputations and online brand presence.

Being the No.1 professional SEO services company in USA we can assure you that your website will rank within the stipulated time period. Our revenue-driven approach will be the main highlight of your website ranking success as we don’t believe on just website traffic, we believe on the traffic which converts in your website as lead and generates the revenue for you. you know what makes us come on that point i.e. our way to evaluate the clients need. As we focus on “why you want SEO” the answer to that “why”!! It is the soul purpose of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign at Quantum IT Innovation.

Our Professional SEO Services


Local SEO

To be the high rank in search engines in your area of business is a wonderful opportunity to get higher sales and leads, if you are missing this opportunity, quantum local SEO service is there to help you.

Enterprise SEO

Quantum has the best team for enterprise SEO which focuses on building the best SEO strategies to rank your website high on all the search engines. We offer our SEO services to help your business get rankings, business and leads.

Google Recovery Services

If you are the victim of Google famous Panda and Penguin updates, Quantum IT can easily move you out from these penalties and reframing your website image in Google eyes. It’s time you get the SEO services you deserve.

Ecommerce SEO

We are the experts in e-commerce Search Engine Optimization and promise to give you higher sales, traffic and leads by, simply ranking you high on search engines. Our professional SEO services are very structured, carefully coordinated and energetically enforced.

Off-Page SEO

We are the expert in off-page search engine optimization activities and link your website to some high authority domains which ultimately improves your website Domain authority and Page authority, the biggest factor for the higher rank on search engines.

National & International SEO

We offer both National and International search engine optimization. The company who wants to rank globally can choose International SEO plan. Over the 10+ years of professional seo services experience, Our seo experts will boost your website to the top of the search engine results page rankings (SERPS).

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation is the biggest factor of trustiness. If you have the poor online reputation among your customer, Quantum IT Innovation is the one-stop destination to improve it.

Content Marketing

Content is the king for ranking. Our expert content writers able to deliver amazing content for your website which not only searches engine loves but also your customer loves and shares.

Mobile & APP SEO

Today customer access websites more from their minicomputers- “Mobiles” but major website are only desktop friendly they completely skip the mobile users, but here at Quantum IT Innovation we give a competitive edge and optimize your website according to mobile.

Rank your website at the Top of Google’s Everest

Our SEO formula

1. We understand you


Before we start the game of making your website Search engine optimization friendly, we first understand what the actual requirement behind SEO

  1. Is it traffic
  2. Sales or
  3. Branding

Our dedicated teams of Professional SEO service experts understand your objectives and formalize it in a plan, which ultimately works as a guiding force for us when we later perform SEO activities on your website.

We also suggest the correction in your objective if it doesn’t fit in the Search Engines guidelines. Like sometimes customers want to rank their website fast.

So we suggest them a bunch of niche keywords which are low competitive but have high search volume.

Keywords research:

It’s the starting line of our professional SEO services where we do extensive research and find high searched niche keywords and chooses, which our competitors are not looking.

The other way we do keyword research is, sometimes customers predefined their focus keywords based on their business and wanted to rank on them, we give them the report, on the potential of those keywords like

  1. search volume,
  2. competitiveness
  3. Time to rank

If keywords are highly competitive and don’t match with the deadline of the ranking time period so, as I stated above we find the closely related keywords which your competitors are not focused but, your customers are searching them

We basically use tools like AdWords keyword planner ubersuggest, Semrush which make our keyword process highly reliable.

Competitors Analysis

We know you are jealous of your competitors and want to outrank them on the first page of Google well that’s fine our professional SEO services will help you to achieve that.

We will evaluate your entire competitor’s website and share with you a report on what

  1. Keywords they ranking for
  2. Their ranking Strategies
  3. Website world rank
  4. and From which website they are getting backlinks

And if you like any of their keywords and ranking strategy we will happy to replicate it for you or, blend it with Our strategy to find out the formula of success.

We use expensive competitor’s analysis keywords tools like SEMRUSH, Aherf, and Moz.

Make Google bots your website new friend

Limitations are not a bad thing; it’s the opportunity to improve!!

Similarly, the good website also has limitations, it’s simply mean it’s not compatible with search engines guidelines.

To choose a top website for a keyword, each search engines have their own guidelines and they give instructions to their bots for that, which shows only those pages on first page which are true followers of it, so to make your website Search Engine Optimization friendly we do things like:

  1. Optimize it’s speed
  2. Improve the website architecture
  3. make all devices friendly website
  4. Reduce the page size
  5. write quality content
  6. We do technical SEO analysis like how many times the focus keyword used.

Write content for you

Content is the king of SEO world and we know how to use this king to win the war from your competitors and reach the first page of any search engine. Our Professional SEO team has the top expert content writer which manufactures amazing content for your websites which will not only SEO friendly but customer friendly.

The positive effect of that

  1. You get more leads
  2. Your conversion rate increases and,
  3. Your bounce rate decreases

And Customers spends more time on the website which is one of the most important signals for search engine bots to rank your website high as it shows you have written a good content that’s why people are giving its time.

Getting the quality backlinks (votes):

Search engine runs an election every time when a search is performed!! Sounds a bit awkward?

it’s not !!

First, you have to understand what a vote or backlink means? It simply means when someone mentions your website on its website to tell a customer a certain thing.

it’s a positive sign for bots and give a signal that you have written a good content So, higher the backlinks from the website, higher will search engine rank your website.

Our professional SEO service is bit advance we only try to link your content to a high-rank website so even in low backlinks you get the higher rank.

Under backlinks, we perform other activities like

  1. Business listings
  2. Profile creation
  3. Guest blogging
  4. Infographic submissions
  5. Bookmarking
  6. Directory submissions


“Every action have an equal and opposite reaction “Newton’s third law!!  Similarly, our SEO actions also have some reaction to your website to understand you all those reactions in details our professional SEO service experts every week mail you a detail report on.

  1. Traffic on your website
  2. Keyword Ranking of your website
  3. Conversions on your website
  4. Domain authority of your website
  5. And any other metric you want for your business

And you know what’s the best part of every report i.e. #laymenfriendly.

Our ethical approach for SEO

The word ethical is very important in the game of SEO as there is a lot of gray area in the SEO world. Other SEO companies use grey hat techniques to rank the website, but it’s only for the time until a new search engine update comes, update such as penguin and panda reduced the ranking of website by half which performed black hat SEO in their website, and now search engines every new update is just focused towards reduce these black hat technique and make things ethical.

At quantum, we also admire this ethical thinking and care about your website, Our best Seo services approach make us use 100% pure white hat techniques to rank your website high.

We think may this the reason we are the best professional SEO services agency

Results Driven Professional Seo services Pricing & Packages That Suit to Every Budget

Our SEO Packages is addresses to every type of company we offered 6 types of SEO packages which are design based on the company size, budget, and crucial general requirements.

Well, don’t get confused our SEO experts evaluate your needs and website to make you suggest the right seo package.

All search engine optimization packages have the important components of on-page and off-page. If you are the victim of panda and penguin update and looking for a helping hand to move you out from that pit we are there to help, we reframe the right image of your in the among search engines

We also do Pay search advertisement as we are Google AdWords and Bing ads partner so if you want results from it, we are one stop destination,

If you have a limited budget and looking for long-term results, search engine optimization is the best option available in the market and if we use the right transactional keywords to rank your website, opportunities are uncountable

We assure you, our custom Search engine optimization packages give you your desired results and make your website at the top of Google Everest.

When it comes to quality SEO services, Quantum it innovation is the professional SEO services company you can count on. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got over 11+ years’ experience to prove it to you. Just call 877-877-3644 or contact us and tell us what you need. We’ll be waiting.

Why choose us for Search Engine Optimization Company?

What is the billing and payment schedule for the SEO Package?

Monthly, the Invoice will be generated at the beginning of the Service Month and payment is due in 7 to 10 days.

How long does SEO take to achieve results (time-frame)?

Ethical SEO needs a bit time as it is a long-term process, in the first week our Search engine optimization experts give details about the technical seo and keyword strategy, we assure you get ranked in the committed time frame well the approx time if we go in a white hat way on-page seo is quick but off page is bit slow so around 3-5 month time it takes to see the expected business goals it’s the expected time we have seen in our 10 years in doing SEO, so believe in us.

How will I check my SEO campaign's performance & progress?

We will share the complete audit report every week and at month end about the current rank you have in the focused keyword and its improvement, we also share website analytics to know you about the growth in traffic and leads after doing SEO of the website.

We use tools like Google Analytics, search engine console and Moz in auditing and reporting of your website.

Do you use Black-Hat techniques?

We stay away from it and not recommend any to do it.

Do you offer bulk discounts for more than one project?

Yes, we do.

Do you recover the website from Google Penalties?

Yes, we recover the website from search engine penalties and help your website to regain and reframe its ranking and image.

Who will provide the content?

The content of the website depends upon the package.

How will SEO service helpful for our business?

It will be very helpful for your business it gives you the leads, traffic, and conversions within just 3-5 month of SEO and it’s not the one-time results if you get ranked high once then you will remain there for long which will lead to long-term benefit for you.

What is the difference between Local, National and Global SEO

Local SEO- It is performed when you want to target the potential customers near you. We suggest this if you want to serve any particular area.

National SEO –In this, we will rank you in a specific country where your business or you want to give product or service in any other country its give information to customers all about your business and generate the lead for you

Global SEO – It is the larger version of national and local SEO, here we generally target multiple countries and try to rank high on them and as expected your website reach is more, here we also have to work upon your website language.

What is your SEO deliverable?

Our SEO deliverables involve in following steps-

Your Website & competitors analysis

High searched and low competition keyword analysis and final selection

Recommendation to improve website

On page optimization begin

Daily off page activities.

Regular check on Analytics and webmaster to see the website stats

Write and send SEO friendly content

Publish the blogs and articles

Monthly reporting about results of SEO

What SEO tools do you use?

SEO tools we use to analyze and track the website are:

Google Analytics

Google Webmaster





How do I stay in SEO ranking?

From the very beginning we make such a Search engine optimization friendly website that it’s hard for your competitors to outrank you but still, SEO is very competitive so we constantly write new content and blogs and frequently optimize your website to always rank it high.

Do I need SMO with SEO?

Of Course, we always suggest this to our clients, social media marketing can become the high source of quality traffic on your website well and indirectly it ranks your website high.