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At Quantum IT Innovation we create the award-winning mobile application with the focus to give the best quality at the right cost. With our 9 + years of worldwide app development experience, we able to deliver some of the best projects and made a landmark in the world. We are proud of our designers and developers that passionate to gives the best mobile app development service in Dubai, UAE.

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Mobile app development company dubai
Mobile app development company dubai

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Healthy creation
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North american gastroenterology
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Start your mobile app development in Dubai, with a FREE app design

This will help you to know the:-

  1. The expected look for your mobile application.
  2. The design & feel the mobile application will have.
  3. We can easily take the feedback on the mobile application without spending a money.
  4. You can easily show the app design to the prospective customers and know their feedback without spending a penny.
  5. On the basis of free app design, you able to makes the right decision to invest in our mobile app development service in Dubai.

One of the Fastest growing Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Why Mobile Apps have become Important?

  • The advancement in Mobile technology has changed the entire dynamic of the Online Marketing of the businesses.
  • As we all know, Mobile App Development is now taking a new face for all the established or start-ups businesses, It has become an integral part of the business framework as it provides the surplus boost that one cannot imagine.
  • Each and every business need has been shifted towards an application idea which is followed by strategic marketing planning and its uses to achieve the desired output.

Quantum IT has now transformed into a flat out need have for any business with the ultimate objective to stay best in class in the coming time of advanced technologies. If you are looking for the best Mobile app development company in Dubai for Android, iPhone, E-Commerce or a Hybrid Application development, Quantum IT Innovation is here to help you out. Our team of experienced top mobile app designers and developers can assist you to change your innovative idea into a possibility. Our qualified mobile app developers collectively has a contribution in working both at local as well as international platform and have developed a number of user-friendly applications for various extent of clients and organizations. We make flexible compact applications that are consistent, straightforward and energetic. Our portable application improvement gather is outfitted with the latest development instruments and significantly talented in the domain of codes and sentence structure.

Our Mobile App Development Company's Expertise in Dubai

Mobile App Development has majorly classified on the basis of the operating system it is made upon. Android App Development and iOS App Development are the two platforms where 95% of mobile applications are made. So, before starting any Mobile App Development Project, one should be clear about the usage and performance of these two different platforms. The operating system must be chosen wisely by keeping in the mind the business objective, targeted location, and the customers.

Here is the brief about our expertise in Mobile App Development:

1.Android App Development

Our expert Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE has been working in the field of mobile application improvement for quite a while. We have aced the specialty of building Android applications with embracing refreshed innovation and guarantee to accomplish the targeted ROI. We stand out from the crowd through our creative thoughts and cutting-edge techniques. On a global scale, Android App dominates over others, it may vary according to the location and customers. There’s no other operating system like Android. Android apps help to enhance output, develop the market and advance your brand reputation.

2.iOS App Development

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod etc operates on iOS App software. We are the affirmed iOS development company that offers solid and strong application benefit over the world. Today, iOS app development covers approx 60% of the mobile application market as there is a gigantic uplift in the usage of iPhone and iPad customers. Consequently, It is imperative to stay aware of market value necessities as well as user end experience to develop an advanced iOS App.

iPhone applications are a standout amongst other approaches to establish a connection with your clients and audience. Our specialized and experienced group of app developers in Dubai are among the best available in the market. We ensure that your iPhone applications are outwardly attractive and creative enough to give you and your organization a unique face.

3.Swift App Development

Swift is an alternative to the Objective-C language that employs modern programming-language theory concepts and strives to present a simpler syntax. We don’t leave untouched any innovation present in the market. Swift is another and profoundly helpful programming platform that has blasted the market. Swift App Development is made for making local applications as it provides high security and gives more ROI. Quantum IT Innovation, a mobile App Development company in Dubai permits creating complex Mobile Application effortlessly by adding more designers to the group. In contrast, Swift consumes less time and effort to build mobile apps.

4.Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform mobile development refers to the development of apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. Cross-stage application advancement alludes to the improvement of mobile applications on different stages. It is the most slanting application improvement methodologies being utilized by the mobile app designers to boost the client’s business. The most reasonable company for Mobile App Development in Dubai clearly understands that each platform is different and unique and therefore, we carefully craft your mobile app to ensure it performs well on each platform.

5.Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications

The latest technology that has surprised people worldwide is the usage of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications. Now, the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is growing rapidly, as its application, first of all, makes a person’s life easier and better, and also economizes the time. AI changes the boundaries of its stay: as it can be seen not only in laboratories but also in our everyday life as a GPS, in energy networks, in the online world. Quantum IT Innovation, the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, has skilled app developers who can embed Artificial Technology in mobile apps to give a fresh and intelligent outlook to your business.

6.UI/UX App Design

Quantum IT Innovation is best among the others UI/UX App Design company. We design the intriguing mobile app that one cannot ignore. We design an engaging, attractive and easy to use mobile app that helps people to get connect easily and increase your download from the app store. We have a systematic process of designing and developing an app, goes through mainly three steps, like Analysis, followed by wireframing and prototype, and lastly visual output design. Our team has designed many reputed companies app that you can see in our portfolio. We will execute your idea with our experience to get the app you want for your business.

Industry we serve

Health care

We have the strength of designing and developing mobile apps in the Health & Beauty sector from quite a long time. We have successfully designed apps for various doctors and beauticians to increase their reach to their potential customers. Health & Beauty industries are presently the most growing industry of this time. We have come up with new and updated ideas to make your app look unique as well as worth the money.

Tour & Travel

We can provide the whole new level of experience to your customers by building an amazing application which will integrate into your idea and resonate with the customer demands. Tour & Travel is the most competitive industry of this time, it has become way too challenging to stand out and make an impact of your business through an app. We focus on making an output driven app that will benefit you as well as your customers simultaneously.

Internet Retailer

Online Shopping is now becoming a huge and crucial thing; our expert app developers team in Dubai have the specialty of working on various e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce.We are highly motivated to build state-of-the-art Commerce, B2B, and B2C solutions apps to engage the audience through the app. E-commerce app development requires a strategic planning and designing before the execution, we have a dedicated team who works on the development of E-commerce and
other B2B projects.

Financial Institution

Financial service looks similar if there is no level of differentiation and, what better then a technology to make it possible. We have created compelling mobile applications for various finance & banking groups worldwide which help to get them a high engaging customer and loyal customers. It is difficult to increase user motivation and engagement in a finance-related app as it indulges money and budget. We make a highly advanced app that has secured transaction and funding process.

Telecom & Technology

Technology and telecom have come to play a major role in how we discover, coordinate and experience things. The right mobile app can possess the capability to open up the crucial line of communication between the customer and you. Industry statistics reveal that over 80% of mobile apps are discarded within the first three months of its launch, so, make an app successful, it requires mobility-enabling technologies to make a place in the telecom industry. We, Quantum IT Innovation fix all the existing issues and implement the solution to help you.


We help universities, schools & institutes to reinvent & rethink their learning operations by our mobile and web solutions. Our mobile app development services in Dubai also help companies to provide e-learning services, methods and online training modules which give students a way of efficient learning. We have designed educational apps that are quite engaging and helpful for the students in terms of achieving their career dreams. It also should have high-end user learning experience to build interaction
and consumer base through an app.

Choose us for the best Mobile App Development in Dubai

We have the best Developers

Quantum IT have the team of some of the best app developers and designers that have a passion and experience to give best mobile application. We individually assigned team developers for every app development project which is equally headed by a project manager so by this way we able to fulfill all our client requirements and give them the best mobile app development service.

We Serve Globally

We have a global presence in locations like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and India, which able to serve us the wide verity of customers in different industries. Over the span of 9 yr. of working we deliver 800+ app development projects by combining IOS and android together. Currently, we also featured in Goodfirm in the top list of best mobile app development companies in Dubai.

We have a Structured Process

We are structured organization and work in an organized team which is full of coordination to deliver the quality results to the client.

We have a dedicated proven process to give the best app development services, find it at the bottom of this page. In our 9 yr. of experience we did numerous test and iteration on every of our process whether you talk about app, web or digital marketing to make it the best way to provide quality results so choose the best mobile app development company in Dubai.

We adopt Updated Technology

Quantum IT is an advance organization that’s implementing newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Big data and Blockchain to gain the huge momentum in mobile app development

Similarly, we will combine these technologies in android, Ios, Hybrid and cross-platform application to deliver the amazing mobile application development service in Dubai.

 We showcase our Work

Being the Top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, we offer our clients the free app design service to showcase our work quality.

We think it’s the best way of working, as it assures the customers that we are capable of making their mobile application. Apart for free app design we also send the case studies of our old customers to make them assured that they will definitely get the best mobile app development service.

We deliver on time

All those good factors come down if we unable to deliver the mobile application project on time, but as you well aware that we have a dedicated team of developers that are assigned their own individual work by a project manager which is strict of time. So you never able to find any kind of delay in mobile app development service in Dubai UAE

Our Process, that made us the top app developer in Dubai.

1. Build a strong understanding with our customers

Success has a direct correlation with the Deep understanding!! The more you know things the better you execute them and achieves the targets, that’s why in mobile app development, we first build the base of understanding with our Dubai & UAE clients and try to know why they needed an app

So the strong understanding and knowing the customers’ requirements is our core agenda, well if we go in detail so we also brainstorm:-

  1. The competitors in all over UAE
  2. We also evaluate the behavior of your prospect customers
  3. we build a strong timeline to deliver the application on time and
  4. Find the extra resources to deliver the best mobile application


2. Cost estimation to deliver the value for money in app development services

If you did your mobile app development from another company, they simply tell you a fixed cost from there pricing plan but we are different our understanding with you and knowing your app goals suggest you the best cost for your app which will make the right balance between the value and cost

One agenda we follow in mobile app development is to make the app budget friendly because we believe that you can make the great and amazing thing with money but if extraordinary things can only be made in the budget.


3.Great UX & UI to give amazing app experience

Unlike other mobile app development company in Dubai, we put a strong emphasis in the design of the application, because the success just not depends on the value it provides but it also depends in the design of the application.

If you want to hook the customer for a long time in your application so then definitely you have to give him the amazing experience like never before. To make that happen for our customers, we have a dedicated team of app designers that are committed to bringing your application at the next level

If we go detail in this step so our process is:-

  1. Information workflow and architecture– To make the best design and look of mobile application we know our clients, need and what kind of product, services and expected information the app will have.
  2. Style– on the basis of the above information and knowing the brand identity our designs choose the common color an font the app will have
  3. Mockup– after knowing about Information and style our app designer team made a quick mockup or app design to show our Dubai customers how will their application look like


4. Quality App Development

Well we know you are waiting for this crucial step where we actually start the mobile app development, the development begins with the formation of a team in which there is 3-4 app developers based on the project then there is 2 app designers 1 project manager and 1 dedicated customer handing guy which looks to the need of our Dubai clients.

Unlike other app development companies in Dubai, this team allocation activity make us deliver 100% of our projects on the dedicated timeline

To support the mobile app development we also focus:-

  1. Select best Back-end technology

To function the mobile application at its best we select the best database serves that’s best suited the application and our Dubai customers’ needs

  1. Best API

API is the application programming interface, its main function is to make the communication between the application & backend server so our expert app developers will make the fluid API which works best without any stoppage.


5. Testing & launching to give the complete mobile app development solutions

The development step is not the end of our mobile app development, to deliver the best app development in Dubai we also give our clients complete testing and launching solutions

This made our service best in cost to the quality equation.

There are a lot of different versions of the operating system in the market, we believe that it’s important to test the application on each platform, you may not know when the bug will create. So we do the same and make the necessary changes in the application so that performs the best

If we go in detail we do the test to find:-

  • bugs in the application
  • find an issue in the application on different OS version
  • Error in content representation on the different devices
  • Testing of the user experience in the new application
  • Test the functioning of the application.
  • Specifically testing the performance of an application
  • Test the payment gateway in the mobile application

After these test, we launch the application in the app stores of Android and IOS and keep a constant watch on the reviews it gets.

This is how we provide known as the best mobile app development company in Dubai.

We also help you to get more mobile app downloads!!

To build an amazing app is the first step to get successful in mobile apps business, the next step is how can you download your mobile application. That’s why in Dubai, apart from mobile app development we also market and optimize our customer’s mobile applications, so that it fulfills the ultimate company objectives.

  1. We do activities like keyword insertions Image optimization and app description optimization so that your customer will easily find your application by just writing the relevant term on the search engines.
  2. We will also list your application in all major app listing websites like, app advice, feedmyapp etc.
  3. Well, what’s better than a proper online marketing for your app it’s the fast way to do branding and get your app downloads. To achieve that we will run different app ad campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Google play PPC and banner display, the choice of the platform all depends upon the strategy and budget.
  4. Social symbols like reviews are the best way to get the high app downloads, we will make sure that we build the best application for your business and add smart pop-ups of rating and reviews so however will download your application can easily review your mobile application !!

We use the world's best mobile app development tools!

  • Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the best tools to use for mobile app development. It reuses business logic layers and data access across the platforms. We use it developers app for  iOS, Windows, and Android

  • Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows developers to create apps with fewer lines of code. This app development tool supports iOS, Android, Windows, and browser-based HTML5 applications.To speed up our mobile app development we sometimes also use Appcelerator its USP is we can create an app with the fewer line of codes which saves our time. It can create apps for IOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Phone Gap

Phone gap is a free open source app development platform. It best to use for creating the cross-platform app, which works for every operating system.

  • Sencha

This platform is based on the MVC which is a Javascript framework. We use this platform for creating highly responsive application to use


How much time does it take for a Mobile Application Development?

Well, that’s a debatable topic as every app have its own it all depends upon the features and technology will go into it.  In approx app development at Quantum IT Innovation, takes 90-120 working days with a 100% guarantee that you will always get it before the timeline.

What is the cost to launch the Mobile app in the play store and app store.?

Both Google and Apple charge a common fee from companies to let them upload their mobile applications. It 99 USD for Apple app store and 25 USD for Google play store.

What will happen to my app with the release of new Operating systems in IOS and Android?

It is suggested that you should first test the application in the new OS and list out what things are not working. Then communicate it to us, we here to help you our app development team will do quick fixes to make the app compatible with the new OS.

How can I track the progress of my project?

To track the project better we will give you the access to project management tools that help you to find on what stage your project is, along with this we also give you the Skype communication.

What if I don’t like your app development service?

Well, that will not happen as we have the experience of delivering successful app projects in Dubai and you must have also done a research before choosing us so will respect that and do your best to make satisfy you.

Are my business information and secrets safe with your company?

Yes, at Quantum we care about it and neither of us nor our developers will ever share your information with others as we work professionally and believes in honest and true working environment

How would you take care of data security?

In Quantum IT we use the fully secured token of authentication along with an encryption data storage to secure the sensitive data.