4 SEO ideas that can make your rankings reach sky-high.

However easy it may seem to be, SEO is not a child’s play. Often, repeated efforts can end up nowhere; this only leads to frustration and people usually give up after seeing no results. The reason for this is the very large number of people in the field of internet marketing. Therefore, only publishing good content cannot ensure your high rankings along with good site traffic. But, if you are someone who is determined to make your site reach page one of Google search results, then this might be the perfect article for you. Keep on reading and find out the best ideas for your SEO rankings.

1. Make your content voice search optimized

With the advancements in the field of AI, the way we search has also evolved. Now, in a world where Siri and Google Assistant exists, nobody bothers to type long search quires; rather, people prefer voice searching it. It is easy and fun at the same time. It is estimated that at least 20% of mobile searches are now voice based. So if you want to make your site more user-friendly, you need to have voice search on your website.

First, focus on content that is direct and clear. Don’t make the content very detail oriented. According to Google, it prefers the answer that is short and precise. Remember, all the SEO rules for the regular search also apply to the voice search, at least for now. So, keep your focus on keywords and make sure that the reply does not exceed more than 20-30 words.


2. Give primary focus to guest posts

The importance of guest posting cannot be emphasized enough. It makes the biggest chunk of off-page SEO. Rest all other backlinking techniques are the just the tip of the iceberg. The underwater portion is the guest post that you make on other people’s website. They not only give you very valuable backlinks but also help you establish a brand of your own. These links are placed in the author’s bio or used to cite information within the content of the post. The first step in this process is to look out for sites where you can send your guest post. Read their submission guidelines and learn about their policies related to backlinks. Then, get in touch via e-mail. Here, type an impressive e-mail requesting for a guest post. Finally, do mention all the necessary details and give some relevant ideas for the blog.


3. Increase your page speed

In this age where everything has become superfast, one thing that is on a constant decline is the patience of people. So if you don’t want to lag behind in this rat race of Google ranking, you just cannot afford to have your site loading with turtle speed. There are many tools to check your loading speed. But Google’s Page Speed Insights is probably the only one that will need. Here, add your website and know the site score on the basis of the loading speed. You can increase page speed by compressing images on your page. Also, try removing unnecessary plugins. They slow down your loading speed and are also a distraction to the users. You can also consider using browser caching, as it makes a big impact with little effort. You may use W3 Total Cache for WordPress sites. With an active user base of over one million users, it is the most popular caching plugin right now.


 4. Broken link building

Broken links are an every-site-problem. Big, reputable sites suffer from broken links too. Every page online is linked to another site using anchor text. But the content is often moved around by websites; this causes those links to breaking as the pages they were linked to, no longer exists. This contributes to bad user experience and makes it difficult for the search engine crawlers to work efficiently. You can use the free broken link checker tool by Small SEO Tools. This allows you to check for all the broken links on your website and do the repair work at zero cost.  It is an effective way to get good SEO rankings if used correctly.


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