AI & Chatbots: Bringing revolution in the mobile app development industry

Artificial intelligence & chatbots are creating a different environment for app developers and for the mobile app development industry. The revolutionary changes due to these days are nowadays creating a buzz in the market. The increment in quality and functionality of an app after AI & chatbot’s incorporation is scouring the technology world & is fetching the whole limelight.

AI can help in adding advanced features to an app; it can support video chatting, live assistance and even can arrange live attentions for users. All this is possible with the assistance of chatbots.

Chatbots are sort of robots that can chat live, can send videos, can sort app’s features and many more, its incorporation in-app can make it stand out of competition and can give competitors a tough edge. As extending app with AI & chatbots is not a children’s play, here is an obvious question of what is the requirement of these two in an application-

  • Seamless interaction and live chats

Including live chats and live video recordings in an app can do wonders. The user will feel more excited and interactive in this fashion. Chatbots can do the same in a masterly way without even reducing the performance index of an app. This can work like a wizard for messaging apps such as Facebook, whatsapp, skype etc. Incorporating chatbots in these apps will allow users to interact with their loved ones even from miles of distance that will ultimately help in gaining customers.

  • Engaging and interactive apps

The major goal of launching a business in public through an app is to increase the service deliveries and to provide services to the mass public. Artificial Intelligence & chatbots can assist in bringing this increment and can also help in the marketing of business associations. The major goal is to engage users and to interact with them in a lively way. This can be achieved by adding an app with live videos, gifts and also incorporating live chat features.

These bots can provide handy solutions to user’s confusions and problems and can chat with them without getting irritated and this proves to be an advantage over manual assistance.

  • Storage is not an issue

These can be incorporated into existing apps also and doesn’t create any problem in storage conditions. This software serves no tension to developers, can be easily incorporated, can increase the performance index, can maintain the functionality of an app also.

  • Avoiding spam

Due to in-built intelligence in chatbots, these can detect spam behaviour & if programmed efficiently, can also provide solutions to spam. This helps in keeping the app free of viruses and increasing its market life. Making app’s niche spam-free can help in increasing its maintenance, can boost performance and can also increase functionality.

  • Usage in various industries

AI & chatbots are slowly growing their roots in every industry. No matter which genre of the app it is, there is an importance of AI & chatbot integration that can fill the void of any limitations to an app & can make an app a better version.

Any industry can increase business and services by taking into account the AI & chatbots.som g the industries already gaining advantages from chatbots are-

Health sector                                – Retail sector                         – News industry

– Tourism sector                             – Educational apps                 – Real Estate

and many more.


Conclusion: Due to sky touching advancements & innovations in the real world, an app with all these recent trending requirements is a must.  To match footsteps with competitors and to deliver the best in the newest way, incorporation of apps with recent trends is all a developer should do.

These recent technological trends not only increase an app’s performance but can also assist in presenting it in a nice way in the market, gaining more customers and can prove to be a wizard to associated business organizations.